2023 Jun
Magnified Ear, A.P.T Gallery, London



Amidst the hustle and bustle of our daily grind, sounds born of human interactions within spaces silently capture the essence of our everyday life. Curated by curating matters, Magnified Ear aims to shed light on the nature of architectural rhythm through artworks that delve into the sound dialogue between architecture and its surrounding space. We seek to explore how the sounds, whether intentionally or coincidentally produced during social encounters, can shape the architecture and space beyond their functional purposes, and how various works can establish sound as a focal point for memory within the gallery space.

The exhibition features seven groups of artists, including both UK-based artists and those residing in EU countries. They explore through fieldwork and allude to the relationship between sound and space, questioning its often overlooked role as a conduit for performance, continuity, and manifestations of power. The artworks magnify a multitude of conversations, ranging from reflections on remembering and forgetting. Through the incorporation of sound installations, sculptures, films, performances, and text, we offer critical and celebratory perspectives on the sounds produced through these encounters among humans, non-human entities, and the space.

Artwork List:

1  Unsound, Georg Klein, 2022
    Size Reader, 22x30cm, 15pages

2  Communicut, Pheobe riley Law, 2022
Soundtrack, For the Musicity platform, online from July 2022

3  Tonal & Visual, Hsi-Nong Huang, 2023
    Redwood and Aluminium Square Box Section, 250 x 400 x 8cm

4  From One Corner of the Courtyard to Another, Andrei Cucu, 2022
    Nails, thread, pencils, size various, 9:26 soundtrack

5  Textere, Tomoko Hojo, 2022
    Installation with woven paper, text and sound, size various, 10 :00 audio

6  Faulty Borders, Pheobe riley Law | Jez riley French, 2022
    Located sound (field recordings) and video by PrL & JrF, voice by JrF, 20:00

7  Duet for portable speakers #5, Mengting Zhuo and Li Song, 2023
    Performance, duration various

8  That Day, Yuyan Wang, 2018
    Video 7:14

9  The Sound That Reminds Me of You, Hsi-Nong Huang, 2023
    Sound installation (Machine structure by Christopher Towers), dimensions variable

10  Bell (auto) +2, Pheobe riley Law, 2023
    Metal, motor, plastic, 20cm (per sculpture)

Isaac Maxwell & Crimson Chaos
Ben Fitton
John L. Drever

In Good Company Intl.

Photo credit
Shou-An Chiang