Artist Talk: Hsi-Nong Huang
Sat, 10 Jun 2023, 15:00 - 16:30 BST
A.P.T Gallery, 6 Creekside London SE8 4SA

In the exhibition Magnified Ear, Hsi-Nong Huang presents two latest artworks— Tonal & Visual (2023) and The Sound That Reminds Me of You (2023). Huang primarily works with wood and steel, considering them as interconnected elements. Through her exploration, Huang consistently examines the interplay between materials such as wood and steel, observing how they support and coexist with each other in the construction of her artworks. In her latest works, she delves into the exploration of how these materials, along with the incorporation of sound, evoke personal memories and create a resonance that adds depth to the artistic experience.


Hsi-Nong Huang lives and works in London, UK. Huang’s work comes from the idea of creating a meeting point. She transforms memory and time into a physical format. Movement creates moments, moments draw emotions, emotions become duration. Huang works almost exclusively with wood and steel. She sees these materials as two elements, and explores how they support each other; how they are constructed with and alongside each other.

Huang has exhibited both in the UK and China with recent group exhibitions including Reflections: Part 3: Sculpture by Women Artists, WORKPLACE, London; and London Grads Now. 21, Saatchi Gallery, London. She is currently undertaking a year as a Wood Workshop Fellow at City & Guilds of London Art School, London; she is the recipient of Samuel Ross Black British & POC Artist Grants, 2021 and was selected for the first ever Claudia Rankine Award, 2019.

Ben Fitton is an artist and educator. His artworks use performative interventions, text, and impermanent forms of public address to contribute to debates around the politics of presentation, participation and spectatorship. These works often appropriate the strategies and rhetoric of site-specificity to construct situations in which the relationship between the work and its primary audience is brought into question, and in which an assertive physicality of structure or text is played off against an apparent ambiguity or excess of authorial intention.

He has shown extensively in the United Kingdom and internationally, including solo exhibitions at Site Gallery, Sheffield; Floating I.P., Manchester; The Economist Plaza, redux, IBID.Projects, Balfron Tower and LUNGLEY Gallery, London. He has also collaborated with Dylan Shipton on a series of temporary structures in the public realm, including GUNSGOOFFTHEMSELVES for Töne 2014, Chatham; Monument to the Excluded Middle for HOUSE 2013, Brighton; and The History Still to be Made Shows Itself (2012) & The Overbearing Mother (2011) for outdoor sites in St. Leonard’s-on-Sea. He teaches on the Art Programme at Chelsea College of Arts.